General Update

Good Morning Family, Friends and Supporters! It’s been a minute since I updated because things have been moving at breakneck speed at home and at Emmaus. However, since I have a moment to breathe, I wanted to post a quick update!


We have two kiddos on the A/B honor roll who had glowing reviews during their Parent/Teacher conferences. Drake is hard at work on his science fair project and Tannis just started back to Runner’s Club now that the Florida heat is less oppressive. Most recently, Tannis and Justin attended the annual Daddy Daughter Dance and I will not miss the opportunity to share this sweetness with you!


Justin is gearing up for the ever crazy holiday season at the church. Tomorrow night, we kick things off with Trunk or Treat and from there we hit the ground running with ministry through New Year’s! I am so proud of what he is doing with children’s ministry at River Run. The kids have been challenged to raise money to purchase Bibles for children in countries where they are not accessible. They’re also starting to pick their own community service projects where the kids will be responsible for going out into the community and serving. I love that Justin’s vision has never been limited to Sundays or to within the four walls of the church.


As for me, things are busy, busy, busy! I started volunteering as a middle school girl’s small group leader on Wednesday nights and that’s been both wonderful and challenging. I thought I was there to teach the Bible, but apparently I am also there to participate in gross things like covering marshmallows in mustard and dropping them in student’s mouths! And embarrassing things as well, like dressing up in 90’s boy band attire and doing a lip sync battle that involved dancing to “Bye, Bye, Bye” by N’Sync. It’s so great though, I love my girls and I love the environment that our Youth Pastor and his wife have created that is all at once fun and engaging as well as serious about discipling our youth and teaching them their Bibles.

I am still at the Oviedo Pregnancy Center once a week as well. I truly love the women I get to serve with there and though our days are sometimes heavy and hard, there is a lightness and a joy that we all share!  Our Client Services Director actually just recently did a great job with a local podcast in telling people who we are, what we do and why we do it! You can find that here: The Underthought Podcast


Ministry wise, Emmaus is just taking my breath away on the daily! We are wrapping up the Old Testament Biblical Narrative Series next week and it’s been incredible! We have had 80 people regularly attending and over 10 guests that have popped in and checked us out. The diversity of denominations and people has been wonderful to see. We even have 3 (count them, 1, 2, 3) HIGH SCHOOL students who have chosen to take one night out of their week every week and just spend two hours learning about the Old Testament!

Toward Captivity

The school is humming right along. We are about to finish the “Towards Captivity” unit this week and then we will head into the “In Captivity” unit next week. It’s a pleasure to watch our students growing in their understanding of the Old Testament and gaining confidence in their ability to engage the scriptures.

Most recently, I taught the Book of Micah, a pre exile prophet with a lot to say both on the subjects of judgement and the steadfast love of God. It was a challenging book for me because the prophets can still be a little strange and things like oracles of judgement can be hard to explain. However, as always, God is timely in all things and it was an incredibly important book for me to be teaching both for professional purposes and for me personally. I love the Bible so much! I cannot believe that this is my job!


I hope this update finds you all well and that you’re seeing God moving in amazing ways all around you, I know that we certainly are! Please, as always, let me know how you’re doing and how we can be praying for you. If you’d like to get involved in what God is doing at Emmaus and join my support team, please visit:

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In Christ,